Who Is Craig Campbell SEO?

Craig Campbell SEO
Who Is Craig Campbell SEO?

Regardless of whether you are an SEO Expert or just somebody that watches SEO Content, you will probably have heard about Craig Campbell SEO. When it comes to SEO and Search Engines, Craig Campbell is one of the best, providing a range of content and tips to help you with your SEO Campaigns and Projects!

Craig Campbell SEO is a Scottish SEO Expert that works to prove Fantastic Results within his SEO Business, allowing people to rank high on Search Engines such as Google & Bing!

Whether you are interested in Search Engines & SEO or Local SEO and Google My Business, Craig Campbell SEO is very good at what he does and he shows that through the content that he produces across his Social Platforms with his priority platform being YouTube.

But who is Craig Campbell SEO? Why has his YouTube Channel and Social Media Platforms accumulated thousands of followers and subscribers? Craig has an extensive range of knowledge within Search Engines and Marketing in general and he shows this through his “knowledge bombs”!

SEO Expert In Scotland – Craig Campbell SEO

SEO Expert In Scotland - Craig Campbell SEO
SEO Expert In Scotland – Craig Campbell SEO

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Craig is one of the best SEO Experts in the area, ranking client sites and providing tools that allow people to build up an SEO Strategy that works.

With Previous Agency Experience, Craig came away from working directly with clients a couple of years ago and began creating content surrounding the topic of Search Engine Optimisation. He already had the skill and knowledge about achieving results and he now showcases that knowledge through his content!

While Glasgow does include other SEO Experts, Craig has set the bar high within the area through his previous results and through his knowledge and he is know across SEO Events for being good at SEO.

He also works very closely with SEMRush and other SEO Tools & Platforms, providing talks and knowledge about specific tools, allowing people to get direct feedback and thoughts on most of the large SEO Platforms!

SEO Content Creator – Craig Campbell SEO

SEO Content Creator - Craig Campbell SEO
SEO Content Creator – Craig Campbell SEO

Alongside providing services through his Personal SEO Business, Craig Campbell SEO also creates a range of YouTube Content around Search Engines which allows him to show his knowledge and his expertise to his audience of over 45,000 subscribers!

He creates content such as his Ask Me Anything Series, his SEO Courses and much more, all of which have accumulated thousands of views, all from people wanting to learn more about SEO from the expert himself.

He also goes live several times a week, allowing people to comment and message in with their SEO & GMB related questions in order to speak directly to Craig and the others that feature with him in these streams.

Some of his content has accumulated tens of thousands of views from people who are interested in what he has to say and what he has to share with those that watch his content!

SEO Speaker – Craig Campbell SEO

SEO Speaker
SEO Speaker – Craig Campbell SEO

While Craig speaks and creates YouTube Content around SEO & Marketing, he also speaks at Popular SEO Events too both in the United Kingdom and abroad, sharing his knowledge and skill with both Website & Business Owners across the globe!

He has been a speaker at many of the SEMRush events, along with Popular Polish & Indian SEO Events too and people seem to love what he has to say about Search Engines and how people can go onto better their website.

His popularity comes from his extensive knowledge, but also because of the sort of person he is. He is honest and open about everything and speaks like everybody else. No fake personas, no lies, just straight facts and honesty, which is needed in the Internet Marketing world.

You can book tickets with events to see Craig or you can even book Craig to speak at your event as an SEO Speaker, all on his website!

Craig Campbell SEO’s Social Media Platforms & Following

Craig Campbell Social Media
Craig Campbell’s Social Media Platforms & Following

As previously mentioned, Craig Campbell creates content on a range of Social Media Platforms and he has worked to build up quite a following across his platforms, with his biggest platform being his YouTube Channel.

He is known as an SEO Expert, not just in his home city of Glasgow, but across the world because of the content that he has created online.

His YouTube Content has accumulated thousands of views and subscribers, however people have followed him across platforms, from YouTube to Facebook, TikTok & More!

Craig Campbell SEO On YouTube

As mentioned, his biggest following is on his YouTube Channel with over 45,000 subscribers and thousands of views on his video content which is where a lot of his fame and a lot of his following has come from!

People have followed him from his popular YouTube content to other Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, TikTok and others which has allowed him to build his personal brand and business up from the ground, making him an income.

He uploads several videos a week too and his channel is ever growing by the day, thousands of people subscribe and view his content, as he uploads it too!

His TikTok Following

Alongside creating YouTube video content, Craig also uploads the odd clip and piece of content to TikTok too, which again has landed him thousands of views and thousands of followers too, with over 15,000 followers on his profile!

And he only posts fun content on TikTok too, meaning that people have followed more for him, as opposed to his content and knowledge, allowing people to get to know Craig and what he is about.

He also creates content with other SEO Experts such as Matt Diggity who likes to challenge Craig across TikTok through shared and dueted content which makes for great watching!

His Facebook Group

As mentioned in my recent post about the Best SEO Facebook Groups, Craig has his very own Facebook Group that he runs and manages, all about SEO where his audience asks questions and learn about SEO and the skill behind ranking on Search Engines.

While this group isn’t as big as his YouTube Following, his group contains over a thousand people who all work within SEO, ranking their own sites and others online, allowing them to reach the right people!

Anybody can join the group too, meaning that you can start working on your SEO and your Website Ranking, increasing the people that click onto your website.

Craig Campbell’s SEO Consultancy & Training

Craig Consulting
Craig Campbell’s SEO Consultancy & Training

While Craig creates content in regards to SEO and Marketing on his YouTube Channel, he also offers other services through his business, alongside speaking such as Consulting & Training.

His Consulting & Training Services allow people to learn more about SEO & Search Engines, offering the SEO Opportunity to everybody from Beginner to Experts who want a Skill Refresh.

He visits work places and offers the consulting service while also offering a range of SEO Courses for people to sign up to and complete, teaching them everything about SEO from the comfort of their own home of office!

This is something that Craig has offered for a while through his Personal SEO Business and it’s something that has worked really well, allowing him to offer a range of services and products for his audience to use and enjoy.

He has also made one of his SEO Courses free, allowing people to learn about Search Engines and how they can benefit your business for no cost!

Is Craig Campbell SEO An Expert?

Absolutely. Craig knows his stuff when it comes to SEO and Search Engines and he shows that through his YouTube & Social Media Content that he posts regularly!

Does Craig Prove Results?

Again, Absolutely. He has worked with hundreds of clients on their SEO Campaigns, all you have to do is look at his own website to see what he is capable of!

Can Anybody Contact Craig Campbell SEO?

Of course! You can get in contact with Craig through his Social Media or his Website – craigcampbellseo.com

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