What Is Writer’s Block?

Writer's Block
What Is Writer’s Block?

Whether you work within SEO or you just like to write content on your Website, at some point, you will have experienced Writer’s Block. You might not know it as Writer’s Block, but in short, it’s where you are writing an article or a piece of written content and you get a block of thoughts in your mind. For example, you might have an idea for an article, get half way through and lose everything you had planned as your mind goes “blank”.

Writer’s Block is almost like your mind going blank when you have a thought or an idea. This is more common when writing an article or a piece of written content, however you can prevent Writer’s Block!

Writing both Articles & Page Content poses challenges in regards to blocking your thoughts and you struggling to write content, however you can prevent your thoughts and ideas being blocked by managing your Articles and Planning Ahead!

What Is Writer’s Block?

What Is Writer's Block?
What Is Writer’s Block?

As mentioned, Writer’s Block is where you have a block within your thoughts and writing flow which prevents you from proceeding with your written content and in worse cases, it can prevent you from completing an article or piece of written content. It’s something that a lot of SEO’s and Blog Writers suffer with on a regular basis, especially if you are trying to focus on multiple articles at once.

It’s often the reason as to why people outsource their blog writing needs instead of completing the article themselves, that and because of the time that it requires. It can pose more of a challenge instead of providing the results and rankings that it’s worth.

However, you can prevent Writer’s Block by ensuring that you don’t get a block of thoughts through planning what you are writing and getting ahead with what you write and create.

When Does it become an issue?

It’s often an issue for any task or job that requires lengthy, written content. By that, I mean articles, posts, page content etc as these require more effort and writing to be completed. You shouldn’t be effected if you are writing something short such as a message or a comment as it’s usually present after long periods of time writing.

It’s more common when writing blog posts as this type of content is usually several thousand words long and when you are writing multiple articles within one period of time, you can start to lose and mix your thoughts!

You may not even realise or notice Writer’s Block which is normal for a lot of people as it only happens rarely for those that aren’t writing content on a regular basis, however for those that do, it’s much more noticeable and present.

What Does Writer’s Block Feel Like?

Like most problems, they can be a different experience for different people. What one person might describe as Writer’s Block, may be more of an issue and worse for others.

However, typically, it’s a block within your thoughts that prevents you from completing and writing an article. It’s more common when you are writing a piece of content such as a blog post that contains thousands of words as it requires a lot of thought and idea behind your titles, the actual written content and more.

It’s like when you have an idea or a thought and then forget about it after a couple of minutes, almost like a passing thought or idea.

However, it can be prevented and you can work a plan to stop Writer’s Block!

How To Prevent Writer’s Block

Writers Block
How To Prevent Writer’s Block

While it’s something that can effect people who write lengthy content, whether that is a blog post or page content for a website, you can Prevent Writer’s Block. This is done by preventing the loss of any thoughts or ideas for a blog post or piece of content through planning!

The key to Preventing Writer’s Block is planning. Planning and writing down what you want to write and create is the best way to keep your thoughts and plan of writing in solid information, meaning that you won’t lose them through a block of thoughts.

However, you have to plan your Blog Post and Writing properly to ensure that you are noting down and working out what you want to write, along with additional information.

Your plan needs to include;

  • Your Focus Keyword
  • Blog Post Title/Meta Description
  • Your H1/H2/H3 Titles
  • Your First Paragraph – With Your Focus Keyword
  • Any Image Links

Do this for each and every one of your articles and plan ahead to ensure that you are in a position to write content and write in bulk without losing your thoughts. You can use a platform such as Google Docs or even Google Keep to keep your plans and information in one, easy place!

If you want to plan ahead and plan the content for several articles, you can even plan and create your Featured Blog Image too, allowing you to just write the content between the titles and after your first paragraph with ease, making the process even easier.

But can planning help?

Absolutely. Writer’s Block is where you get a block of thoughts as previously mentioned and planning your articles can ensure that your block of thoughts doesn’t happen. This is down to the fact that you have them written down and recorded, to come back to at a further time/date.

You don’t have to plan in a specific way either. A lot of people follow a similar plan to above but you can change and edit your plan to match what you need to write as some plans work better for some articles.

If you are writing an article that includes data and further information, plan that too! Create a table or list of data and information to include within your blog post, but remember that it’s only a plan, it doesn’t have to be properly formatted.

Start Writing Articles & Content With Ease!

Now that you can prevent Writer’s Block and you can start writing content in bulk, with ease, you can start creating Articles and Blog Posts for your Website on a daily basis, as long as you have it all planned!

However, if you don’t want to write your own blog content or you want to write content on a regular basis, get in touch today and have it written on your behalf!

Can Writer’s Block Effect Your Blogging?

Unfortunately it can. It can stump your thoughts and make you forget what you were going to write, meaning that you will struggle to complete articles and written content.

What Can You Do If Writer’s Block Is Too Much?

You can outsource your Blog Post Writing to Ryan Houghton and release blog content on a regular basis, without having to write anything or without having to plan. It can all be done on your behalf.

Should You Always Plan Your Blog Content?

Absolutely. Planning your blog content won’t only prevent Writer’s Block, but it will allow you to be more efficient when writing content, meaning that you can write more!

Thank you for reading!

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