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UK Citation List
UK Citation List

Building Citations is an important part of Local SEO and building Citations around your business can help to improve your local visibility. However, finding the correct citations to build and opportunities for Citations can be difficult. But what if you could build Citations from a UK Citation List, meaning that all you had to do was register?

Following a UK Citation List will enable you to build Citations to improve and build on your Local SEO Campaign, therefore making your business more visible within the Search Results.

When it comes to improving the visibility of your business, building Citations can help you to improve your business through Local SEO. As a result, you will appear higher within Local Search Results and you can also build a couple of backlinks to your website too, adding additional power!

However, finding the places and opportunities to build Citations can be difficult. Knowing what Citations can help your business and what can’t, can be a task! Below, you can find a List Of UK Citations to build to your Listing & Business to improve your Local SEO Campaign.

Which Of The UK Citation List Is The Best To Build?

The list of UK citations contains a variety of places and opportunities to build citations and links for your Local Business. As a result, none of them are specifically the best to build, they all provide value and authority (EAT) to your business and therefore, providing additional visibility.

Some of the citation locations listed are more known than others, therefore getting listed on theses sites with your business will provide more authority than listing your business on smaller, less known sites. However, each and every citation is just as important, regardless of your business or industry.

Additionally, building Citations can provide extra traffic sources for your business & website. This means that you want to ensure your business listing contains as much information and detail as possible.

However, before you start building these Citations, remember to follow NAP and ensure that your information is consistent across your listings to provide additional authority and trust.

What Is NAP?

NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. When you are building your Citations, you want to ensure that your NAP is consistent and the same across your multiple listings. Changing any of your information between listings can show some Red Flags for your visitors, along with customers too.

You need to ensure that you write these out prior to building your citations, to ensure that your business looks consistent across your multple listings.

It’s about building trust, while powering up your business and your website online. As a result, seeing more traffic and more visitors to your business, ready to convert into customers.

UK Business Listings

Below, you can find some of the main and most popular sites to build citations and listings to your business. As a result, you will be able to drive more traffic to your business, ready to convert them into customers and generate more income. It’s about building the sites that work and that are effective!

UK Business Listing URL
List Of UK Directories

Listed above, you can find several listing and citation opportunities that will drive more traffic to your business and therefore, drive more custom too. Sites such as Google My Business are very powerful for powering up your website and your business, ensuring more of a visible presence online.

List Of UK Directories

To build your Citations for your business, you can use a List of UK Directories to find link and listing opportunities. Whether you want to create listings that show your business or build some backlinks, you can use this list of UK directories to power your business up digitally. Below, you can find the list, ready for you to build listings and your business up.

Citation URL
List Of UK Directories

The list above contains a List Of UK Directories for you to build around your business and website, allowing you to build trust & authority, while also driving additional traffic to your business too. The more visible you are online, the more people will see your business and what you have to offer, which is exactly what you want.

Again, as mentioned above, follow NAP with your listings and ensure that your business is consistent online to build the maximum results for your business!

Building Location Specific Citations

While the above directories and link opportunities will improve the visibility of your business and ultimately drive more traffic, you may want to build some Location Specific Citations too. These are directories and listing opportunities within your Local Area that are specifically designed for Local Business Owners.

If you are based in London then getting listed on a London Specific Directory wouldn’t hurt your business. It helps you to build trust within your Local Area, meaning more people towards your business!

Building Industry Specific Citations

Like Location Specific Citations, you can build Industry Specific Citations which allow you to build citations and directory listings within your specific industry or niche. For example, if you work in construction, you can build listings on, allowing you to be much more visible.

Industry Specific Citations can drive a lot of targeted traffic and custom directly to your business through your listings. This is due to the fact that people are searching for your specific industry and trade, before they even click onto your business. So once they have seen and clicked through onto your business, they know what they want to find and what they are looking for!

Should You Build Citations Fron The UK Citation List?

Whether you want to improve the visibility of your business or power up another listing or platform, building Citations from the UK Citation List can provide multiple benefits. The main one being for your business website in the form of Backlinks, which can improve your ranking position and overall SEO of your website.

However, that isn’t the only benefit. Alongside providing links to power up your website, building Citations can help you to become more visible through Industry & Location Specific Citation Sites. As a result, you will be able to drive more traffic directly to your business, ready for conversion into customers and returning visitors.

The Citation Opportunities mentioned above are from citation sites that attract thousands of visitors per month,meaning that your listing will guarantee at least some visibility within your niche or industry. You just need to build strong, structured listings around your business, following NAP.

Are The UK Citation List Sites Free?

The sites listed above as part of the UK Citation List are free, however some of the above sites come with Premium Plans & Packages. These packages may promise additional visibility, industry page promotion and more. Whether you upgrade or not is entirely your choice, however you don’t have to.

A lot of the time, the free listing plan is more than enough, especially when you are only using it to build citations. If you was using platforms such as Yelp to drive custom directly as a part of your strategy, then the premium option isn’t a bad idea.

It just depends on what you are using the citations and listings for, whether it be to power up your business, drive traffic, build backlinks or something else!

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