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Esports is a very specialist industry with industry professionals in every position, however, a lot of Esports Businesses and Brands use Social Media to grow a platform. But as the scene changes, SEO For Esports has become more important and so has search engines in general. Whether you want to grow on Social Media or to grow your Website & Brand, you can do exactly that through Esports SEO!

SEO For Esports can push your Esports Business forward on Search Engines such as Google & Bing while you focus on your Social Media Strategy and growing your platform elsewhere!

But can SEO For Esports really make a difference? Can it really drive your Esports Business forward as much as you would like it to alongside Social Media and driving a following from elsewhere?

Absolutely! Esports SEO can make a huge difference to your business and as a result, you can expand double or even triple the audience you currently have as a result of appearing on Search Engine!

How Can SEO For Esports Help You?

Regardless of your position within the Esports Industry, whether you provide products to professional gamers or you own an Organisation of Professional Players, Esports SEO can make a massive difference to your Esports Business and following.

While you may grow your following through Social Media Platforms such as Twitter & Instagram, you can also grow your Esports Business through Search Engines such as Google & Bing, allowing you to reach even more people!

It’s more commonly used for general Business Marketing and for Local Businesses to appear online, however Esports Businesses can also massively benefit from what SEO has to offer through Content, Keyword Searches and much more.

How SEO For Esports Works?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the act and practice of optimizing a website and it’s content to allow you to rank for certain, targeted keywords within that specific page or post on your website.

This is great for ranking and appearing as a result in front of your target audience as you can optimise a page or post for a keyword or search term that your targeted audience is searching.

You can rank for search terms such as “Esports Jobs” when you are recruiting or if your business in Esports is Recruitment Related. It all depends on what you offer as a business, but the idea and principle remains the same.

However, it doesn’t stop there. You can rank even further with your Team Name, Player Names, Image Rankings and much more, allowing you to improve your visibility overall using Search Engines.

How Can Ranking On Search Engines Through SEO For Esports Make A Difference?

How Can Ranking On Search Engines Through SEO For Esports Make A Difference?
How Can Ranking On Search Engines Through SEO For Esports Make A Difference?

As mentioned above, SEO For Esports works by allowing you to appear on search engines for keywords surrounding your business. These keywords include things such as your Business Name, Player Names and much more.

The idea behind it is so that when your Target Audience searches for a keyword or search term that is related to your business, your business appears as a result.

This means that if you are appearing for keywords and search terms that are related to what your business provides such as a Product or Service, it’s your potential customers that are looking at the search results and terms.

It’s a great way of appearing in front of your target audience, organically without having to pay per click or pay per lead that your business generates, allowing you to move forward with your business, cheaper.

What Search Terms Should You rank For?

Well that is the idea behind a Full SEO Campaign & Strategy, SEO For Esports researches your Business and your Sector and then looks for Keyword Opportunities within that same sector.

The criteria for these keywords typically include a High Search Volume, while also including low competition values so that you can gain traffic to your website, easily without any struggle.

But as for the Search Terms and what you should be ranking for, you need to be ranking for keywords and search terms that surround your business.

For example, these search terms and keywords could include;

  • Business Name & Alternatives
  • Business Sector & Industry
  • Team & Member Names
  • Linked Events & Brands
  • Location & Specialism

By ranking for the above, you are appearing in the SERP for search terms that are directly related to your business. Terms such as your Business Name is what people are wanting to see, they are searching to find your business and if you aren’t appearing, that’s an issue.

How Can SEO For Esports Drive People To Your Website?

As mentioned above, the idea behind SEO is that you rank on Search Engine Results for keywords and phrases around your business. This has been the case since the beginning of Google and it’s no different.

However, when it comes to driving people to your website, this is done through keywords and phrases that are regularly searched. For example, something such as “Esports Recruitment” may see 1000 searches per month, most of which are going to the top result.

But if you beat the top result with your SEO & Marketing and manage to take and hold the top spot, your website will start to see most of the traffic and therefore, people coming to your website.

While most of the traffic does go to the top result, not all of it does so if you can rank for keywords and phrases in Positions 2 and below, you can still see some of the traffic from people searching for the keyword.

Does SEO For Esports Work For Everyone?

While the results provided by SEO are eye watering and changing for a lot of businesses, knowing if SEO works for everybody is also essential. Some Marketing Strategies don’t work for every business and some are very specialist.

However, that’s not the case with SEO For Esports, not at all. As long as there is people searching for keywords and phrases related to your business, SEO can help you to grow and expand both online and offline as a result.

It’s all about numbers and how people searching can effect your business. If there isn’t anybody searching, it’s pointless working with an SEO Expert to build your campaign as you won’t see any benefit as a result.

But if there is people searching, you can grow and expand and as a result, see more people coming into your business and spending money!

It just depends on your SEO For Esports Provider and how they work with your business and your website to rank online on Search Engines such as Google & Bing. If your Agency doesn’t provide a quality strategy, your results will show that.

A quality strategy includes multiple factors such as Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Content and much more, each of which working to build your rankings and improve your position!

How Can You Get Started With SEO For Esports?

Getting started with SEO For Esports is easy. You can fill in the above form to register your interest within the service and we will be in touch to start working with you to build your SEO Campaign and work with you moving forwards.

Whether you would like to find out some additional information or you would like to get straight into an SEO Campaign, you can specify that using the form above and we can get started today!

Can SEO For Esports Help?

Absolutely! You can build your Website and your Business out online as a result of using SEO For Esports!

Can Any Esports Business Work With SEO For Esports?

Of course! Regardless of your business, you can start working on your SEO today and start building out your brand!

How Can You Get Started With SEO For Esports?

You can use the form within this blog post to register your interest and to start working on your business through Search Engine Optimisation!

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