Search Engine Optimisation

Every business needs a website online as it provides essential information to visitors and customers in relation to your location, contact information and more. However, having a website that doesn’t appear on Google or Bing as a result for keywords surrounding your business is like having a Cup Of Tea without Water, it just doesn’t work!

Receive clicks and drive visitors to your website

Creating long-lasting visibility, traffic and revenue, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is critical in terms of growing your website and business online. Allowing you to target the right target audience for your business is why SEO is so powerful for your business and can result in huge amounts of online growth and reach!

However, a lot of businesses and brands don’t have the team or even time to handle the growth of their website and SEO. This is where I come in, with years of experience within SEO, I can work with you and your website to ensure that you are reaching the right people online with your website & content.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Find out more below about what I can do for your website and business through Search Engine Optimisation and how you can start seeing results online!

Local SEO

Local SEO increases the visibility of your business through Local Search Phrases & Keywords around your Physical Business Location and area which can improve your Local Customers & Revenue.

E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO enables your products to be found on Google when various surrounding keywords or exact match keywords are searched. This can improve traffic to your website and visitors looking for your products.

Technical SEO

Assessing Pagespeed, Indexation, Crawlability, Navigation and more is all part of Technical SEO which is essential in proving results in any Search Engine Optimisation Campaign or Strategy.

SEO Audits

Knowing how to move forward with your website and your SEO is essential. A sufficient and in-depth SEO Audit can tell you exactly what to do and where to do it in regards to improving your rankings and results.

international SEO

While some businesses and websites benefit from Local SEO and ranking for Local Keywords & Phrases, International SEO works for those providing services country or even continent wide.

Link building

Building links from trusted domains within your area and niche is what helps you to move forward with your SEO and rankings. From Citations to Content Marketing, your website can thrive even more online!

The three step process


The first step of any service is to research your business area and target market. I look into your niche and research the factors that work and the factors that don’t. I also research your Local & National Competitors to form a plan.


The second step of any service is to form a strategy as a result of the research in the first step. The strategy will include information in regards to the service in question and how I will work to ensure that your business or brand is ahead of your competitors.


The third step of any service is to execute the strategy/plan in step 2. This is the most critical stage for any service and you will be kept up to date throughout the whole process with regular updates and information in regards to the progress.