Mobile SEO

Grow your website and ensure that you are in a strong position with your SEO from a Mobile Perspective, allowing you to drive more traffic from Mobile Devices!

Dominate The Rankings By Optimising For Mobile

Google Search has changed massively, where the majority of search traffic used to come from Desktop Devices, more people are beginning to search using their mobile devices.  This means that if your website only works on Desktop and not on Mobile, you are missing out on a lot of traffic!

Having a website that works and displays correctly on mobile is no longer an option. Your website has to look just as well on Mobile, as it does on Desktop. This is also becoming more important as Google begins to turn towards a Mobile-First Index, making it essential that your website is fully responsive.

How Can Mobile SEO Help Your Website?

Google Search has changed over the last couple of years as more devices can access the internet. This has resulted in over half of the Internet’s Traffic coming from Mobile Devices, instead of Desktop. However, a lot of websites online, still don’t work and look as they should when accessed on a smaller device.

This is due to the lack of Responsive Website Design and if your website isn’t optimized for Mobile Search, just like it is for Desktop Search, you may be losing out on a lot of traffic. Especially when Mobile Traffic is growing rapidly!

Optimizing for Mobile & Other Devices isn’t just about your ranking position and your SEO. It’s also about providing a good user experience across devices, allowing repeat visitors to view your content and convert into customers.

It’s all about driving the maximum amount of traffic to your website and business, and having a strategy in place that covers all devices is essential!


What Services Does Mobile SEO Include?

Optimizing your website for all devices will allow you to drive maximum amounts of traffic to your website & business. Mobile SEO covers all of the areas in regards to being optimized and driving traffic from all devices within your niche and industry.

  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Mobile Auditing – Broken Elements & Scripts
  • AMP
  • Pagespeed Mobile Optimisation
  • Mobile Conversion Optimisation

Driving traffic from all devices will allow you to generate maximum amounts of visitors, allowing you to work through a Conversion Strategy, in order to generate customers for your website & business.

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