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Is YouTube Changing The SEO Industry?

Is YouTube Changing The SEO Industry?
Is YouTube Changing The SEO Industry?

YouTube is the second largest search engine, behind Google and as more people click onto the platform to search for queries and search terms, the number of people using YouTube is growing, daily. As a result, people are moving to YouTube in order to appear in front of their audience, through Video SEO, but is YouTube changing the SEO industry completely?

While YouTube is growing daily with the number of inbound visitors coming to the platform, searching for queries and search terms, is YouTube changing the SEO industry?

YouTube has changed a lot of aspects when it comes to Search, even directly within the Google platform too. With the addition of embedded video within the Search Engine results, video has become more important. However, visitors also want to see things in video format too, especially when they are asking a question or looking for a specific tutorial on something.

As a result, SEO’s are starting to focus more on Video content as a way of driving more traffic as not only does it attract people from YouTube, but videos are also featured on the SERP of Google too. It’s an easy way to secure top positions on both YouTube and Google. But is it changing the way SEO works?

Is YouTube Changing The SEO Industry?

SEO has changed a lot over the last few years. With the introduction of Voice Search, people don’t want to read through Written Copy as much as they once did and Video is a great alternative to provide that same information and content. This is a lot of the reason as to why YouTube has grown and become the video giant that it has, because of how easy it is to access.

However, it doesn’t mean that SEO is completely obsolete. While some people prefer to watch video content over Written, Google is still very Page & Post Heavy when it comes to the SERP. While some people are embedding a video into their written copy to provide additional content, written copy is still at the front of the Search Engine Results.

But, YouTube has changed Google and the SERP a lot. With some Results Pages including Video Carousels, featuring content from YouTube, it’s often an easy way to drive traffic from both Google & YouTube to your site. People are starting to learn this and as a result, they are focusing a lot more on Video Content in order to really push through the Positions.

Videos Changing The Google SERP

Videos Changing The Google SERP - Is YouTube Changing The SEO Industry?
Videos Changing The Google SERP – Is YouTube Changing The SEO Industry?

As shown in the image above, Videos have become a large part of the Google SERP, especially for Search Terms that include a question. The image is a snippet of the SERP for the term “How to build a website using WordPress”. As you can see, it displays a couple of videos, along with their key moments and additional details.

This makes it much easier for visitors to see different parts of the content and it also enables them to visualise the tutorial and see exactly what they should and shouldn’t do. As for a tutorial, it’s a great format for people to watch and learn. However, from an SEO standpoint, it’s a clear indication of the Search Engine Results Page changing.

The videos included within the list are just piece of video content that are ranking high on YouTube, in the top several positions. As a result, they have been featured at the top of the SERP. This also means that the pieces of video are beating the other results too, such as the ones featuring written copy.

Videos Embedded In The Search Results Content

While YouTube is directly effecting the SERP, it’s also effecting the normal, written copy results too. This is due to the fact that a lot of the people searching for specific keywords and search terms, want to see the result in a visual format. Embedding Video into Written Copy within the Search Results is something that WordPress has made extremely easy.

In order to embed video into a page or post, all you need is a link to the video you are wanting to embed. Whether this link be from YouTube or another Video Hosting Platform, it’s a simple copy and paste action to embed a piece of video into your content. However, once added into a page, it can cause a lot of visitors to watch the video instead of reading the written copy.

While this is great for those embedding their own YouTube Content, it’s not so great for Traditional SEO. As more people begin to consume video content, less people are reading written copy and this is due to the shift in people’s needs and search intent. When people are asking a question or looking for a tutorial, they often want to see a video explaining what to do, where as they used to be happy reading a piece of content instead.

Also, embedding videos into a Page or Post means that the video can become embedded within the SERP as a result. Again, a big change from traditional, normal SEO and normal results.

People Searching Specific Terms & Queries Through YouTube As A Search Engine

While people used to turn to Google for every search and question, a lot of people are shifting towards YouTube as a search engine and this is where a lot of the traffic is going to. More visitors are starting to consume video content, often through YouTube as opposed to clicking onto an organic search result, meaning that they aren’t subject to Calls To Action, Embedded Media, Landing Pages and more.

If you create YouTube Content as part of your Marketing Strategy, then this is great. More people consuming your content means more views and more people to drive to your business through conversion strategies. However, if you focus a lot on Traditional SEO, you may find that a search term you rank Position #1 for, may be quickly replaced by a piece of YouTube content.

As for the Specific Terms & Queries that people are searching through YouTube, it seems to be Question & Answer content or Tutorial Based Content that is attracting views through YouTube. This is due to people wanting to visualise a Tutorial or Answer, as opposed to reading through long written copy. You do have the option of embedding video as mentioned above, but if people are turning directly to YouTube, embedding your video into a post won’t help!

So, Is YouTube Changing The SEO Industry?

As for the main question in this article, is YouTube changing the SEO Industry, it’s still a grey area. Some experts will say that YouTube is the way forward and that the traditional SEO Industry is slowly fading away. While other Traditional SEO experts will say that SEO is still thriving like it once was, and while the competition may be more difficult, it’s still delivering results.

Should you include SEO as part of your Marketing Strategy? Absolutely. Without question, YouTube attracts millions of people per day, all searching for and consuming video content. This means that if you can create some video content around your business, you can reach those people with your business, without spending thousands on links and content.

YouTube is accessible for any business and video idea and that is what makes it so powerful. People are generating business through videos that have been recorded on a Smartphone. It’s cost effective and it delivers results. It also enables you to speak directly to your audience through your video content too, adding some personality and realism to your business, instead of the same automated rankings and website pages.

If YouTube Is Changing The SEO Industry, Should You Forget About SEO?

SEO is still as useful and important as it was before YouTube grew. Your business and website can still thrive through rankings and Google is still the Number 1 Search Engine. Just because YouTube can also help with your Rankings and Marketing, it’s not to say that SEO is useless and a waste of your time & budget.

Experts in SEO across the country are ranking for keywords through traditional SEO, without the use of YouTube and they are still driving great results and ROI’s for clients. While YouTube may be changing and effecting some things in the SEO Industry, it’s not going to stop SEO from being a tool for driving traffic and quality visitors to your website & business.

It’s still a great tool and service for your Website & Business and it can still help to drive new visitors and customers to your business & website. YouTube is just growing and becoming useful for businesses and websites alongside normal SEO!

Is YouTube Effecting SEO In A Major Way?

In some ways, yes. YouTube has grown massively over the last couple of years, with millions of people using the platform every day, it’s become a search engine of it’s own, alongside Google. The Ranking of videos and other aspects has started to change the SERP, slightly.

Should You Concentrate On YouTube As A Marketing Platform?

YouTube is very powerful. The platform is home to billions of videos and millions of visitors and getting your business in front of those people could help to drive more visitors and more custom. However, you should also focus on SEO and Ranking your business too!

Is YouTube Changing The SEO Industry?

Short answer, yes. YouTube is changing the way that the SERP is working for some search terms, however traditional SEO is still delivering great results, just like before the days of YouTube, with some added competition of course!

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