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How To Win Featured Snippets Only Using Content

Within the Search Engine Results, there is a range of formatting options of how you can rank and appear with your results. You can appear normally with your site link and title. You can appear using Schema Markup. Or you can appear in Position #0 using a Featured Snippet. But do you know how to win featured snippets only using content?

Knowing how to win featured snippets only using content is something that can save you a lot of money within your SEO Strategy. You can forget about advanced link building and SEO Campaigns as you can rank just as well using just content!

While some experts will say that Link Building is Essential and that you should spend thousands of pounds on links, you can rank just as well using Quality Content. While some keywords may be difficult, through structured content, you can secure Featured Snippets and more with your responses.

But how can you rank for Featured Snippets, only using content? What does your content need to include to generate a Featured Snippet within the Search Engine Results Page?

How To Win A Featured Snippet Only Using Content

To win Featured Snippets only using content, you need to directly answer a question. While adding information may bulk your post, you need to be straight to the point. It needs to be simple and precise. The formatting of doing so is simple too, you need to put the question in your Post Title, then in a H2 Tag. Then answer the question directly.

Google doesn’t want to see any “fluff” or additional content, they just want to see a direct answer to the question. It’s also about the Searchers Intent. What are they wanting to know? Why are they asking that question?

Obviously a direct answer does depend on the question that is being answered. While some may be easy to simplify, others may be difficult and require an in-depth answer. As long as you answer the question though, you should secure the featured snippets.

But what does your content and answer need to include to be worthy of the snippet? Can you just write a small paragraph and secure a snippet? Well, you need to structure your answer properly, as explained below.

Including The Question In Your H2 Tag

Of course the question needs to be the Title of your Blog Post, however it also needs to be further included too. However, you also need to include the question in your H2 Tag too.

Following on from the H2 tag, this is where you need to include the direct answer as mentioned before. By doing this, you are signifying the topic of the page or post to Search Engines. However, you are also showcasing the direct answer too, of which the algorithm can notice within your content.

Once included, you can focus on explaining the answer more and breaking down what it means. Just as long as you have your direct answer under your H2 Tag towards the top of the post.

Sum The Question Up In 2-3 Paragraphs

As mentioned above, you need to answer the question directly. However, you can add some length within your content of around 2-3 Paragraphs. This will allow you to define and write a correct answer that works for you and your website.

However, Search Engines won’t show the whole 2-3 Paragraphs within the SERP. They will only show a snippet of a couple of sentences. Google has always done this and it’s usually the most useful bit. While the section they display can change, it usually from near the beginning, depending on how accurate your answer is.

While you do have some room to answer the question, you can’t take up half of the post or page doing so, it needs to be answered properly and directly too.

Ensure Your Focus Keyword Is Within Your Content

While you are including the keyword within your Title and Title Tags, you need to ensure that your content is focused on your keyword too. Just like you would to secure ranking positions, you need to ensure that your content is based around the keyword to boost your position.

Writing low quality content and just answering the question won’t cut it. You need to ensure that your content is of quality, while answering the question directly, as it should be. Don’t even attempt to secure snippets without quality content as you will quickly lose them!

Rank In Positions 0 – 10

While it’s important that you answer the question directly, you need to be ranking in positions 0 – 10. Of course, Position #0 is a Featured Snippet. However, you need to be on the first page to even have a chance of securing the featured snippet. Just because you are ranking in first position, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be awarded the snippet.

You need to answer the question, better than other results. You could be in position 10, at the bottom of the first page but as long as you have answered the question directly, you can secure the snippet.

How To Win Featured Snippets Only Using Content Within Your Website!

Start securing Featured Snippets with only content by writing posts and pages that are focused. Adding unrelated information just won’t do the job when it comes to rankings and Position #0. You need to ensure that what you are writing is of quality, while answering the question directly.

You can secure a Featured Snippet with any content, however it’s typically used for Questions and Answers within the blogging niche. Just as long as you answer the question directly for your readers and your audience. This is what secures snippets, your content has to be useful!

So start writing content and winning featured snippets as it can drive extra traffic to your website and business! It’s all about quality and quantity, you need short but quality answers to secure those snippets!

How to Win Featured Snippets Only Using Content Without Writing!

Winning Featured Snippets with content does require quality. However, not everybody has the time to spend on writing quality content. But what if you could secure Featured Snippets without writing the content yourself?

You can have the content written on your behalf, allowing you to secure featured snippets and traffic without spending hours on content. This is done through a Content Writer who can write the content for you. You can work to create a plan with a Content Writer so that you have a regular feed of blog posts and content.

It’s not expensive either! You can get content written for extremely cheap, making it more than worth doing. You can just focus on converting and driving customers.

You can use the form above to order content and to work with a Content Writer. This will allow you to publish content without writing a word! It’s a great way to increase how efficient your content is and how your website operates. Whether it be Blog Content or even Email Writing, you can purchase writing services.

So start working on Winning Featured Snippets only using Content and start seeing more traffic and people! It’s all about driving the most amount of traffic to your website!

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