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How to Optimise & Grow Your Efuse Profile

How To Optimise & Grow Your eFuse Profile!
How To Optimise & Grow Your eFuse Profile!

With thousands of people joining eFuse every day, knowing how to optimise & grow your eFuse profile can be hard as it’s still a very new platform. However, with some Optimising and some work, you can grow and expand your eFuse Profile and start creating a personal brand that people will want to engage with!

eFuse is a Gaming & Esports related Social Media Platform that has recently been released to provide gamers with a platform for sharing their content, gaming clips, progress and more. eFuse is a bit like a Gaming version of Linkedin.

eFuse is a Social Media Platform that has been designed and developed with Gamers in mind. This being said, eFuse is designed for Gamers & Professionals and they have many profile options which allow you to display information and content about yourself that will inform profile visitors of who you are and what you do.

In this blog post, you can find out everything that you need to know about optimising and growing your profile on eFuse along with what you can do to increase the knowledge of your Personal Brand too!

Optimising Your eFuse Profile

Your eFuse Portfolio
Your eFuse Portfolio

The image above shows what your eFuse Profile or “Portfolio” will look like when on eFuse as a user. As you can see from the image, there is a lot of options of which you can edit and change to suit yourself, meaning that you can provide the right information for your Profile Visitors while also looking appealing to anybody recruiting for people within your area. However to improve your profile or portfolio, we need to change and add some information to make sure that you are in a strong position on eFuse!

Adding a Profile Picture & Profile Cover Image!

The first step to optimising your eFuse profile is adding a Profile & Cover Image. This has to be one of the most important aspects of your eFuse Profile as this is what people will visually see alongside your written content when looking at you and your profile on eFuse so getting this right is key!

Adding a Profile Picture & Cover Image that suits you is essential. If you play Fortnite but your cover image contains Call Of Duty Characters, people may get confused between what you do and what games you play. If you play Call Of Duty then of course use Call Of Duty Characters!

To create a Profile & Cover Image, you can use a platform such as PhotoPea or Canva which are both online and free. Create something that matches you and what you have to offer to the gaming scene.

Also, if you create content for YouTube or Twitch, add your YouTube or Twitch into your Cover Image. This will ensure that people know what you do and that they can search you up on your desired platform! This might even mean some new subscribers or followers!

Creating a strong and informative bio!

You will notice that on your Profile, you have a Bio section, much like you do on Twitter & Instagram. This bit of written copy sits just below your Profile Image and you can use it to provide basic information about yourself to anybody who clicks onto your profile.

Make sure that you write a Bio that provides the right information about you. If you are a Twitch Streamer, let people know within your Bio. If you are part of an Organisation, add that to your Bio too! This is your area to include whatever you like and this is often what people will read first so make sure that it’s right!

Adding a Highlight Reel & Your Twitch/Mixer Stream!

Another part of your eFuse profile is your Highlight Reel & Stream area. This is where you can add a highlight reel of your YouTube Content or you can add your Twitch/Mixer streams. By adding these to your profile, anybody who clicks onto your profile will see both pieces of content and often they will take a second or two to watch your Highlight Reel as this allows them to get to know you better and find out more about who you are!

You could edit some clips together for a Highlight Reel or just like one of your best pieces of content, just something that shows you off a bit!

Game Experience & Stats!

If you are somebody who plays games, maybe you are a Fortnite Streamer or a Call Of Duty Professional, displaying your Gaming Experience & Stats is essential for your eFuse Profile.

You can do this by linking your profiles to your eFuse profile. This is great if you are trying to get into a team or organisation as you can display your skills and KD (Kill To Death) Ratio live on your profile. This makes it easier for recruiters and easier for you too!

Adding your Business/Gaming Skills!

Towards the bottom of your profile, you can add your Business & Gaming Skills. This is essential, no matter what you do or what you have to offer, you need to add your skills! This is often the first place people look to see what skills and talents you have and being able to display them won’t only secure new opportunities, but it may secure you some followers too!

If you have both Business & Gaming Skills, make sure to add both as being versatile between two topics and areas can help you go a long way when it comes to expanding your opportunities and opening more doors!

Adding A Discord Server!

If you are somebody who creates content or streams, you need to make sure that you have a Discord Server setup and linked to your eFuse profile. While you work to grow your profile, you can also expand your brand as a whole by allowing people to engage with you in your own Discord Server.

Also by growing your Discord through eFuse, you can alert people in your Discord about new posts, new uploads, streams and more, meaning more engagement for your other platforms too!

A Discord Server can also allow your audience to engage with you better through Voice Channels and through other channels within your Discord!

Add Some Work Experience!

If you are going for more of a Formal Position, maybe becoming a Manager within an Organisation, showing your previous working experience on your profile can help you A LOT! When people are clicking and looking on your Profile, you want them to see the right information and by adding Work Experience, you can show off what you know and who you have already worked with!

Whether you have worked in a smaller team or you have managed a team of friends, make sure that you add it into your eFuse profile and you will see that it helps you go further!

Growing your eFuse Profile

Growing your eFuse Profile
Growing Your eFuse Profile

Now that you have optimised your eFuse Profile to include the right information, you now need to work on growing your following and reach within eFuse. Optimising allows you to display the right information on your profile for when people click onto it, growing your profile and reach gets people to actually click!

Growing your profile and your reach is similar to growing on other profiles, such as Twitter as your essential appealing to the same Target Audience, however the points listed below should help you to go further using eFuse!

Welcoming People To eFuse!

With eFuse being a new platform, a lot of people are signing up every day. While not all of them do, some of them will create a first post mentioning that they are new to eFuse. This is your chance to comment something such as “Hi NAME, Welcome to eFuse!”. As a new user, getting comments is something that they would have to work months to see on another platform and they may follow you for commenting or at least reply, where you can start a conversation!

Creating Engagement Posts!

Creating posts is one of the most essential parts of growing on eFuse and a way to do that is through Engagement Posts. A lot of people are grinding and working towards expanding their own personal brands and you can create posts around this to increase engagement for your own profile.

Posts such as “Happy DAY eFuse! What are you working towards today?” allow people to comment and reply to your posts with what they are doing, creating engagement and a way for you to create conversation!

Also, posts such as “Let’s share and support, comment your YouTube or Twitch below” will again target the Content Creator audience of eFuse and often results in a lot of replies. Showing support by Subscribing or Following can create good impressions and in turn, result in followers!

Following Those In Your Audience!

eFuse is full of people from all different areas and audiences so the chances are, there are more people than just you within your area of expertise. If you see somebody posting about the area you are within, reply and follow them and they will more than likely follow you as it works Vice Versa!

This is a great way to expand your network with the right people and to make sure that you are appealing to the right audience!

Add Value Through Your Posts & Content!

With eFuse being much like Linkedin in terms of being a bit more professional than say Twitter, this means that you can operate your eFuse a bit like your Linkedin too.

People don’t want to see constant advertisements about you and what you do, they want to read and see posts that add Value. This is your foot in the door with a lot of people too.

A way to add Value is to create posts about areas that people are interested in. For example, if you play Fortnite, create posts about the settings or about the latest updates as these are things that people will want to see and read and you can be the one to provide that information.

You can also provide help through your posts by offering advice or support within your specific area, people will jump at the chance of something free!

Create Some HYPE!

When on eFuse, you will see alongside the comment button, a button called Hype. This is similar to the Like feature on Twitter & Facebook and you can hype up posts on eFuse.

When scrolling through Linkedin, leave some Hype on posts that you support. This is great to motivate others and if somebody has posted about their YouTube or Twitch, clicking Hype and leaving a comment can help people a lot!

Also, you will find that the users who you Hype, will often Hype you back, meaning that you can begin to build an Active Audience!

Finally, Using The Featured Section!

The featured section of eFuse allows you to see more or less EVERY POST on the platform. This has to be one of the most powerful aspects of eFuse as it shows all posts on a Timeline, even if you aren’t following. This means that your posts will appear on the Featured Sections of others too!

Scroll through the Featured Section and comment/reply to as many people as you can (Don’t spam though!) and create some strong engagement on other posts. This will help you to meet new people and expand your reach!

Thank you for reading!

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