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How To Manage Your Website Over The Festive Break

As the festive break is approaching quickly, getting your website ready for a couple of days off can be worrying. Nobody wants to leave their website to operate on it’s own, however, sometimes we need to. It’s not always out of choice, however, having a few days off over Christmas is essential for us all. But you need to know how to manage your website over the festive break to ensure it runs smoothly.

Finding out how to manage your website over the festive break can allow you to keep your website running smoothly during your time off. Whether it be a couple of days or even a week away, it has to be efficient and safe!

It’s no secret that websites require a lot of management. Especially WordPress Websites as it’s build of various different aspects. However, these aspects are regularly changing and it requires daily or even weekly updates and work to keep it operating and safe.

But what can you do to ensure your website operates as it should, for the period of time you are away from it. How can you manage your website over the festive break?

Well, that is what you can find out within this blog post. You can find out some tips to ensure that your website is operating as it should while you are away from the back-end!

How Can You Manage Your Website During The Festive Break?

Regardless of whether you are having a couple of days off or a week, you need to have your website ready. Those tasks that you used to do on a daily or regular basis, need to be ready for the period of time that you are away. However, knowing what to get ready can be difficult.

While a lot of these tips do depend on your website and platform, keeping your website safe while your away is still important. You need to ensure that your website is up to date, in all areas. Along with ensuring that your manual tasks such as blog posting is scheduled!

However, knowing what you get ready and what to set is important. You can find out more about what you should be doing below!

Update All Of Your Plugins

The first tip and step of getting your website ready for the festive break is to update all of your plugins. While some websites may include more plugins than others, keeping them all updated is important. You need to ensure that every plugin is fully up to date!

You can do this through your WordPress Installation, using the plugins tab. You should do this just before you start your festive break, to ensure everything is up to date. As you may know, Plugin Updates are released several times a week, meaning just one day without updates can put you behind.

The main plugins that you should update are your Security Plugin, Page Builder, Theme etc as these are the ones that power and secure your website. Go through and check all of your plugins!

Install & Check Your Security Plugin

The second tip and step to getting your website ready for the festive break is to Install & Check Your Security Plugin. Now you may already have a security plugin install which is great. However, you may operate your website without one, to save on space etc as you do regular maintenance.

If this is so, you absolutely should install a Security Plugin, not just for your Festive Break but for your Website Security too. Plugins such as WordFence & StopSpammers can keep your website safe from any attacks or issues. It’s more of a must when it comes to any WordPress Website!

Once you have installed your security plugin or if you have one installed already, you need to check it. A lot of Security Plugins come with a specific UI, allowing you to check for any issues within your site, along with required updates. WordFence can also check through your site too, to display any issues.

Check your security plugin and check your site for any security issues. This will ensure that you are in the best possible with your website and your security too. This should also prevent you from any attacks too!

Schedule Your Blog Content

Alongside ensuring that your Plugins & Security is up to date and working, you also need to plan ahead with your blog content too.. If you are somebody who usually releases a blog post a week or more, you may need to schedule blog content. You can do this within WordPress with ease.

All you need to do is write your weekly blog post early, and when you go to publish your post, schedule it for the date and while when you would normally release it. This will ensure that your blog is released, without any manual action.

After all, you won’t be near your desktop or website to release it manually so you won’t be able to post it yourself as you normally would. So you want it to release on your behalf.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can also go ahead and schedule any pages too, meaning that you can be developing and building your site while having the pages release on their own!

Audit & Check Your Website

While keeping your website up to date is important, you also need to Audit & Check Your Website too. Auditing your website can show any issues such as Broken Links, Missing Alt Tags etc, all of which you can fix ahead of your break. This will prevent any SEO Issues or Ranking Position Decreases, allowing you to focus on other things.

You can audit your site using most SEO Tools such as Moz, SEMRush etc. This will give you a clear indication as to what you need to do to your site moving forward. Who knows, you may come back to some better ranking positions.

You can find out all of the important information through an audit and through your Search Console too, so check both!

Set Essential Plugins To Auto-Update During Your Break

While updating your plugins is important before you take your festive break, you need to set your essential plugins to Auto-Update. This will ensure that if any of your plugins need an update during your break, they will be updated.

This is important for Security Plugins, Page Builders, Themes etc. Doing so will ensure that everything is up to date and operating as it should do while you are away. You can turn this back off after your break, if you wish.

This is just a great way of keeping everything operating as it should. However, it won’t alert you of any issues that are caused through broken plugins, so it is a risk!

Backup Your Website

While updating and securing your website is important, so is taking a backup. This is something that you should do when you know your site is stable, before enabling auto updates and other features of WordPress. By taking a backup, you can revert your website back to a time that it worked.

This will allow you to revert any issues or problems within your website, back to before they were created. This will allow you to keep your website stable. You should take a backup of before you made any changes or edits.

You can do this via two methods. Both of which being effective to ensuring that you have a copy of your website. The first method is using Updraft Plus in WordPress, which allows you to backup your site.

You can choose to save your backup on cloud storage, local storage and more. You can also revert in one click, allowing you to repair any issues with ease. The second method is to take a backup using CPanel if your website is hosted through Self Hosting WordPress.

I would recommend that you do both if possible, however It’s not always a choice. Especially if you use WordPress direct and not Cpanel or other hosting methods.

Efficiently Manage Your Website During The Festive Break!

Following the tips above, you can ensure that your website is secure and operating properly during the festive break. While leaving your website as it is, is an option, it’s not one I would take. I would always recommend that you take a backup of your site before taking a break for more than 24 hours!

There may be other tips you can follow too, it just depends on your specific website and sector. If your blog is basic, you may require less of an effort to leave your site. However, the chances are that your website contains a lot of content, especially if it’s for your business. Therefore, taking a few steps to secure your site is essential!

You may currently pay for somebody to manage your WordPress website on your behalf and if so, this will already be in place for you. It just depends on who they are as to if they are managing sites over the festive period. Ask your current WordPress Maintenance Provider about their festive plans if this is the case.

Follow The Tips To Manage Your Website During The Festive Break!

As long as you ensure that your website is up to date and secure, your website should operate smoothly while you are away. Whether you are away for a couple of days or over a week, check any updates, security plugins and more ot prevent any unexpected issues or attacks. You can often notice these issues within your Google Search Console and your website itsself!

If you don’t want to leave your website to operate while you are taking a festive break, you can hire somebody to manage and update your WordPress website while you are away. This will allow you to have complete piece of mind while taking a break. You can often find these services alongside your SEO Packages, should you be working with any SEO Professionals.

However, as long as everything is up to date, you should be good to go! So have a great christmas without worrying about your Website or your SEO Campaign!

Thank you for reading!

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