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How Did TGFBro Market Themselves?

Unless you have been away from the internet for a while, you may have heard of the two gentlemen above, also know as “TGFBro”. These two are responsible for some of the most crazy and ridiculous content on YouTube, from Hanging On Escalators in Shopping Centres to Cementing Heads Inside Microwave Ovens, they have done it all during their YouTube Careers, but how have they grown to be so big online?

TGFBro or Jay Swingler & Romell Henry are one of the biggest creators within UK YouTube, with a Subscriber Count of over 5 Million Subscribers, they have done it all! But how have they marketed themselves as Influencers?

How has TGFBro marketed themselves and become as big as they are in the internet space, just through creating video content, like millions of others? Within this blog post, you can find out more about what they have done so well and how they have turned a couple of videos into a money empire through their Clothing & Merch Store!

The Creation Of Dangerous But Unique Content With TGFBro

The two friends came onto the YouTube Platform in 2012 when Jay started creating and publishing Call Of Duty Content. At the time, Jay was just publishing clips and gameplay content for fun, to show friends, family etc. He and Romell created their first video together in May 2012 which was “The Laughter Challenge”.

The Laughter Challenge” video has accumulated over 600,000 views with thousands of likes and comments but this was only the start to the Success of TGFBro through their Dangerous Content.

As they progressed with their YouTube Content, over the years, they have become more daring and more exciting for the viewer, which in turn gave them a very Unique place on YouTube as they were recording and publishing content that nobody had seen before, because there was nobody who was daring enough to do it!

Nettle Olympics With KSI

Their most Popular Video is the Nettle Olympics video with another huge UK YouTuber, KSI. This video has been seen over 21 Million Views and it remains as one of the most viewed videos on the TGFBro channel.

The idea behind the video is pretty simple, the trio completed a variety of challenges that involved stinging nettles with the intention that they caused pain to whoever was taking part.

While this seemed painful, it made for greating viewing on YouTube which the TGFBro audience enjoyed. This was one of their first videos on YouTube and one that has done very well.

The fact that the video also includes KSI means that the video includes the majority of the UK’s Favourite Creators, therefore working for the TGFBro Brand, which has helped them a lot along the way.


However, it didn’t stop at nettles and challenges with friends. Not long after the Nettle Olympics Video was released by the pair, they created the “TGF DO IT” series which involved both Jay & Romell daring each other to complete tasks.

However it came with a twist. If they “TGF Dared” one other to do something, they had no choice but to complete the dare. This is where the videos became rather daring.

At first, they were innocent videos and challenges with Jay running into tables and over the top of cars, however they progressed to become even worse.

The videos began to progress with Jay & Romell supergluing themselves together, Jay riding up an Escalator by hanging on and much more, all of which was massively dangerous, but massively beneficial for the TGFBro brand and business.

These videos accumulated millions of videos and headlines in a variety of newspapers as the dares and clips within were massively dangerous, which made for an even better viewing experience!

Jay Swingler Cementing His Head Into A Microwave Oven In A TGFBro Video

As mentioned above, the pair have created a variety of content which as accumulated millions of views online, however their worst but most noticed and mentioned video is where Jay Swingler cemented his head into a microwave oven.

Not only did this video accumulate millions of views, but Jay made the headline of every national newspaper in the country which his dangerous move, which made for even better viewing experiences!

This has been the reason for a lot of their fame and success as Jay shot up in the Social Media World through this video, being titled as “Idiotic” and “Dangerous” by many National Newspapers!

But How Has The Content Marketed TGFBro?

As mentioned, the content that TGFBro has released has accumulated Millions of views online and as a result, they have gained a following of a similar amount. Having this following has been massively beneficial for the pair and they have been able to continue to follow YouTube as a future career and they will be able to for many years to come.

However, they don’t just upload content and enjoy the rewards. They also have their clothing brand “childish” which has managed to sell out of every clothing item in just minutes of being released, due to their following on Social Media, which in turn, has resulted in both of the TGFBro’s enjoying millions of pounds in cash!

They have sold thousands of items in just minutes of releasing them, which is what a lot of store owners dream of happening, however as soon as something “Childish” is released, it’s owned across the world in minutes.

This is all a result of their following, through their dangerous but exciting content of which they produce on a regular basis! And as they grow, I suspect that they will continue to sell out even quicker.

Selling Unique TGFBro Merchandise

As previously mentioned, TGFBro have released their own range of Clothing & Merchandise under the name “Childish”. However, it’s not just every day merchandise like every other influencer has to offer.

They have taken the idea of Merchandise a step further with their range of Limited Edition products ranging from boxes of Cereal, Remote Control Cars, Lunch Boxes and much more, all with the unique Childish branding.

It has transformed the way that YouTube Merchandise is displayed across the platform as a lot of the large creators are taking steps to change their range of products to also follow the unique pattern, however TGFBro have set the bar high!

But it’s not just the range of products that they have on offer though, they also promote their range of products as “Limited Edition” meaning that they only have a limited supply of each item.

This is great use of Marketing Strategies as they are creating a sense of urgency around the product, and it’s safe that say that it has worked!

Sell Out Of TGFBro Merchandise Within Minutes

As mentioned, the use of Great Marketing allowed the TGFBro team to create a sense of urgency around their Limited Edition products and as a result, their Limited Edition products have sold out repeatedly, within just minutes!

This has happened with every drop too, not only earning the TGFBro’s a lot of money, but it also imposes a feeling of rarity around their products and owning one of their products is a massive achievement, due to how quick they sold out.

Not only are their products good to own, but their resell value has skyrocketed due to the fact that they have become rare and that TGFBro won’t be re-releasing any products for a second time!

How Jay & Romell Continue To Progress

As TGFBro progress and grow as a business and as influencers, they will continue to sell their Limited Edition Merchandise and they will continue to gain millions of views and millions of subscribers!

As people, Jay & Romell are growing over the course of months, massively through their Social Media Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram & Personal YouTube Channels, which are growing by the video!

They will continue as people to grow and expand and they will continue to make thousands of pounds per year too, through content and through merchandise sales.

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