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How Can TikTok Help Your SEO?

When doing SEO and creating an SEO Strategy for your Website, whether it be a general website or an Online E-Commerce Store, you need to include platforms that can drive traffic to your website and that can provide value and signals to your website that Google monitor and look for. Typically, we use platforms such as Twitter & Facebook to create links and drive traffic, however as TikTok grows and expands as a platform, it’s becoming more and more powerful! You absolutely should be including TikTok SEO into your strategy and this is why.

Whether you want to drive Signals or Organic Traffic to your website, TikTok is a massive platform that is only getting bigger by the day as more and more people create content and scroll through the feed!

TikTok SEO is something that not a lot of people are focusing on or worrying about within their SEO Strategy and website, but something that can make a huge difference! Regardless of your Website and Niche too, you can use TikTok in some way, shape or form to drive organic traffic and to convert viewers into visitors!

What can TikTok do for your SEO?

Whether you want to drive Organic Traffic or you want to create positive signals and brand around your website and niche, TikTok is the place to do it. As the platform grows and expands, it’s only getting bigger and more popular, meaning that you can attract even more clicks and visitors to your website.

However, it’s about using it to your advantage for Rankings and SERP, otherwise known as TikTok SEO. Now creating an account and adding a profile link to your website will help as a signal, however it won’t act as a Backlink, meaning that it won’t hold any positive influence within your Search results.

It’s driving traffic and visitors that will help your website and improve your SEO. With TikTok being such a big platform, you can fine tune your audience and appeal to the right people. This allows you to benefit, whether you are just a blogging site or even an Online E-Commerce Store with Products.

But you need to design your strategy and account to meet what you want to see and the results that you would like to benefit from!

Creating Your TikTok SEO Account

This is the first step to using TikTok for your SEO. You need to create your account that matches your website and works for your business. You need to ensure that the username matches your website, along with your profile picture and bio. This will create the platform for you to use and grow.

This has to be done first to access TikTok but also to allow you start posting content and creating your Content Strategy, which in turn will allow you to gain visitors and build your follower count.

Once you have created your account, it’s all about finding the content that works for you and planning out what content you want to create, what you think will bring the visitors in and drive clicks and searches for your website.

Creating Content For TikTok SEO

Your account has been created, great! Now you need to post content onto your TikTok Account to benefit from the viewers and from the clicks and visitors that it will send to your website.

Now you don’t want to create any random content, look at what other people are doing within your niche see what works and what doesn’t. You don’t want to focus your attention on the content and content type that isn’t working as you won’t benefit from that.

Look at popular trends and try to put a spin on those trends to meet your business and your Website Topic. You own an online store? Great, create some trendy content around your business and products!

This is where TikTok SEO becomes important as you want people to visit your website and look at your site away from the TikTok Platform!

Placing Your Website URL & Link

As you create content, you are going for one thing, clicks and visitors from the TikTok Platform. With this being said, you need to place your Website URL & Link in places that people are going to see and click them.

Now, if you put a URL into the Description of a TikTok Video, it’s not hyperlinked, meaning that people cant just click the link, so you have to place your URL into the comments too.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put your URL into the description as people will still search it manually, however adding the second link should prove more clicks and conversions!

Switch Up Links & Prevent A Shadowban

As you grow on TikTok, you don’t want to be posting the same link with the same description in every TikTok. The algorithm will pick up on this and you may get shadowbanned, meaning people won’t find your content on their For You page, stopping any potential visitors.

A way to fully prevent this from happening is to Switch Up your Links. Link to different pages and posts and if you want to be extra sure, you can cloak your link with a redirect platform such as Bit.ly or TinyURL, meaning that you can randomize your link every time, preventing any issues.

This should prevent any shadowbans or issues with TikTok and you should be able to carry on posting and growing as normal!

Using Your Website As A Funnel Through TikTok SEO

Once you have mastered driving clicks and visitors through TikTok SEO, you need to begin converting them to Customers and people that buy from your Business or E-Commerce Store. While visitor numbers and clicks help your SEO, you can also convert the same numbers and clicks into customers of your business and store, turning your work and visitors into profit!

Now, you have a couple of options when it comes to creating a funnel and using your visitors and clicks to your advantage. You can collect Emails as part of an Email List, then in turn send out marketing emails. You can send website notifications or if you have an Online E-Commerce Store, you can use Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins to notify those who have got close to checking out with your store but left at the last second.

However you collect information and convert your visitors into customers, ensure that you are using your visitors and clicks to your advantage, even if you only persuade them to visit again!

Convert Clicks Into Customers With TikTok SEO

While you are driving clicks and visitors to your website through your TikTOk Content, you need to ensure that you are creating the sort of content that people want to see, and in turn want to visit your website and your on-page/post content.

You can drive maximum amounts of clicks through trending and popular content and this is what you want to focus on, you want people to see your posts and visit your website and you have to tweak your strategy to meet it!

Start Using TikTok SEO For Your Website!

Create a TikTok Account and start creating some basic content to see what you can do on the platform in terms of driving visitors and clicks! It’s a Free Social Platform that has the potential reach of thousands, so use it to your advantage and grow your website!

Regardless of your website and niche, just start posting content and monitor the progress!

Is TikTok Good For SEO?

TikTok SEO can allow you to drive clicks and visitors to your website, organically and at scale, meaning that you can reach people organically, for free with just some content!

Can TikTok SEO Drive Clicks?

Absolutely. TikTok SEO can drive thousands of clicks and visitors to your website through Organic Content and Viewership, allowing you to save money on Paid SEO & Ads!

Should You Use TikTok As Part Of Your SEO Strategy?

Yes! TikTok is a huge platform with millions of people actively viewing content, meaning that you can drive clicks and more through TikTok SEO!

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