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Creating A Website For Your FiveM Server

With thousands of servers across the FiveM Network offering the same thing, having something that sets you aside from other servers is key to growing your player base and your community. Also, while setting your server aside from the rest, you also need to get your server name out there to the thousands of players that play FiveM in order to get them to join and play on your server. A great way of setting your server aside from others and also attracting new players is by Creating A Website For Your FiveM Server! Not only will a website allow you to display information about your server such as Jobs & Server Information, but you can also include applications for Whitelisted Jobs and you can attract players through your website too! In this blog post, you will find all of the main points of having a website for your FiveM server along with how to create one!

Creating a Website for your FiveM Server can drive new players to play on your server while also providing a platform for your server to display information about your server, how people can join your server, applications for whitelisted jobs, and more! Find out how to create a Website for your FiveM server here!

In this blog post, you will find out more about creating a website for your FiveM Server and the many steps involved in creating one including choosing a Domain, choosing a website platform, purchasing cheap website hosting (if applicable) and much more!

Choosing your Website Domain Name

The first step to creating your FiveM Server website is to select your Domain Name. It’s important that the Domain Name you choose is related to your FiveM server so that people associate the website with your server while being able to find it online by searching for your FiveM Server Name.

Choosing a Domain Name and Extension is entirely up to you. If you are a UK Based Server or a Server that is based on British Roleplay, a .co.uk or .uk domain may suit your website better than something such as a .net extension. However, if you are USA based or the majority of your player-base is from America, an extension such as .com might work better than a UK extension.

If you choose a .co.uk domain for your website, you can use companies such as LCN or Names in order to get your domain for FREE for the first year! This will allow you to get your website and server off the ground before having to pay for the domain’s renewal.

If you choose another extension, you will have to buy your domain. You can purchase your domain in yearly subscriptions or you can pay for several years at once. Purchasing years in front often makes it much cheaper!

You can purchase domain names cheaply from:

While choosing your extension is important, you need to make sure that your domain matches your server name as mentioned above. You can search for your desired domain and enter your FiveM server name in all of the websites listed above. However if your domain has already been registered, just add a Hyphen/Dash (-) into the middle of your domain to separate words!

Choosing Your Website Platform

Now you have chosen your Website Domain Name, you now need to choose your Website Platform. Across the Internet, there are many different website platforms from WordPress & Native Code (HTML, PHP etc) to Wix & Weebly and choosing one for your website entirely depends on what you have planned for your FiveM site.

I would personally recommend that you use WordPress or Native Code for your Website as both platforms allow you to expand your website in any which way you seem fit. You can add many different features to your site through plugins or code with both platforms and you can really create the website that you want your visitors and players to see.

Also, having a website on WordPress or build with Native Code is often a lot cheaper than the monthly or yearly costs associated with Wix or Weebly and you can freely add and design what you want to see on your site.

However, the choice is entirely yours, you can choose whichever platform you are comfortable with as they all allow you to get a website online, just some allow more features and flexibility than others!

Purchasing Website Hosting (If Applicable)

If you have chosen to use WordPress or Native Code for your website, then you will need to purchase some Website Hosting. Website Hosting is what keeps your website online, much like your FiveM Hosting keeps your FiveM Server online for your players. Website Hosting is often cheap and only costs a couple of pounds (or dollars) a month and it is required to use WordPress or Native Code.

You can host WordPress through WordPress themselves, however, this can often be just as expensive as Wix or Weebly and while you can install WordPress onto CPanel Hosting for free, it makes sense!

You can purchase Website Hosting cheaply from a variety of places for just a few pounds a month! I personally Recommend Ascend Host as you can pay just £1.95 for your Website Hosting and get unlimited EVERYTHING!

You can also purchase VPS Servers through Ascend Host, should you want to make your FiveM Hosting cheaper too!

When you have purchased your website hosting, you will need to change your Name servers. You can do this through your Domain Control Panel on your desired provider and you will need to make sure that your Name servers match the ones provided by your hosting provider. This is so that your Website Files can be seen through your domain name and that your website becomes an online site, not just some files!

Building Your Website

Now you have set your Website up and you have chosen your platform and sorted your domain, you need to build your website. Now this changes depending on what platform you have chosen. Platforms such as Wix & Weebly are pretty straight forward and come with templates and tutorials to follow, while WordPress & Native Code are a little more difficult to set up but again pretty straight forward.

Regardless of the platform you have chosen, you can find tutorials and guides on platforms such as YouTube. They often come with extreme detail and you can be on your way with your website in no time!

You can also go to a Website Designer/Developer to get a website built on your behalf and while this comes with costs, it is all handled for you and you can focus on things such as your FiveM Server!

Including The Right Information & Links

The main focus while building your website is to ensure that your website includes the right information and links. The Information & Links need to be related to your website’s topic, in this case about your FiveM Server and you should include things such as an About Page to explain about your Server, a Contact Page for people to get in contact with you and your Admin Team, links to join your Discord or Teamspeak and more! Including the right information and links will allow you to create a platform for your current players to use, while making it easy for new players to join too!

Creating A FiveM Direct Join Link

Getting people to join your FiveM server isn’t easy by any means. Often people will click onto your website and if they can’t join your Server in a couple of clicks, they won’t join. A way to counteract this is to create a FiveM Direct Join Link. This is a URL link that you can add to a button on your website which allows people to join your FiveM Server by just clicking a button. It does everything for the user including opening FiveM and connecting them to the server!

You can create a FiveM Direct Join Link as follows:


So to create a FiveM Direct Join Link, you need to copy the URL above but replace the SERVERIP part with your Server IP. So your link should look like: fivem://connect/ You need to copy that configuration into a Button or even test it by copying it into your URL bar at the top of your browser. You will see that it will open your FiveM and connect you to the server automatically.

Add this link to your buttons across your website to ensure that no matter what page people land on, they can join your server in just a few clicks!

Adding your Discord Server Invite Link

Much like the FiveM Direct Join Link, you need to also add a Discord Server Invite Link in the same way you have added your FiveM link, on each and every page. This is to allow people to join your Discord Server like they can join your FiveM Server, in just a click or two. You will notice that those who visit your website, will also visit your Discord too due to how easy and simple joining is!

You can create a Discord Server Invite either through your Discord Server itself or through many of the Server List Websites such as Disboard. Regardless of which link you use, you want to make sure that you include your Discord Link on a Button across your website to make joining as easy as possible!

Creating Application Forms For whitelisted Jobs

Alongside adding content and links to your website, you also want to add Application Forms for your Whitelisted Jobs too. This allows you to link your Applications across your Discord for members to apply to fill positions such as Police, EMS, Mechanic and more. While this only really applies to Roleplay based servers, you could also have an Application Form for your Admin & Staff Positions, allowing people to join and better your server.

You can add Application Forms a variety of ways. Some platforms such as Wix & Weebly allow direct form addition from within the builder, however for platforms such as WordPress & Native Code, you have many options and more flexibility when it comes to adding forms to your site.

If you are using WordPress, you can add application forms using the Everest Forms plugin. This plugin is great for customising forms and you can Drag & Drop your forms features and build a form that reflects and matches the rest of your site.

If you are using Native Code, you could add a form in via code or you could embed a Google Form into your site. Google Forms is a great way of allowing applications for certain needs while displaying the results of the form in a Spreadsheet or in the Google UI, meaning you can track results and form applications!

Adding Basic but Essential Information

Across your website, you should include the Basic but Essential Information. This information includes Home Page Content explaining more about what the server is and what people can do, the About Page Content which explains in more detail about what the server is, what people can do on the server etc, a Contact Page with the right contact information and a contact form on and more. This information is what will make people feel a lot more comfortable when it comes to joining your server and a lot of people like to find out more about the server and get a feel for the server before joining and by having this information on your website, you are allowing them to!

Also make sure to add links between pages to ensure that people can navigate between your information while also being able to join your server!

Adding Menu Options & Pages

On 90% of online sites, you will notice that they all have a menu towards the top of the site with their pages linked. Make sure that your pages are linked and also add your FiveM Join Link too, to make sure that people can join your server with a click as well as actually finding the link to click too!

That is all you need to know about Creating A Website For Your FiveM Server!

As long as you follow those steps and you create a website online, you will be on your way to Creating A Website For Your FiveM Server! Hopefully, once your website is created, you can provide the right content for your visitors alongside attracting new players and visitors to your FiveM Server!

You can also go a bit further and add your tracky server widgets into your website to show your player count along with other player information and you can also add members of your team to the about page too, to make sure that people know why they are dealing with!

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