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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you can find a selection of the questions that are asked on a Frequent Basis. These questions include service information, how services can benefit and more!

Since I started my career in Digital Marketing, I have worked with businesses across the United Kingdom & Ireland to help them with their business in the digital space. Whether it be a new website through WordPress, driving organic traffic through an Search Engine Strategy or building brand awareness online, I can and have helped businesses like yours. 

Unlike a lot of other consultants and people who work in Marketing & SEO, I cut through the rubbish. I’m just honest about what is achievable and what isn’t. Sure, we can rank your business on Google for keywords and phrases surrounding your business and location, can we outrank “Asda” for the search term “Asda”, unlikely.

It’s just about providing honest, straight to the point advice about your business, how it can progress and what we can do to get to those progression levels quicker!

Short answer, Absolutely.

Local Search & Local SEO can have a massive effect if you own a Local Business. By this I mean a business that provides a product or service in a local area or cover a certain area. Through Local Search Optimisation, we can rank your business for keywords and phrases surrounding both your business and it’s location too. For example, if you provide Fast Food in Doncaster, we could work with your business to appear for keywords such as “Fast Food Doncaster”, and even keywords around your specific location, being street or village.

We do this through 2 main platforms. The first one being a website about your business. This is a great way of securing those positions and building some rankings in the organic search. The second platform is Google My Business or now known as Google Business Profile. Having a listing for your business with Google enables you to appear for keywords and phrases in a rich result position, usually aligned to the left of the screen. In this box it shows your business pictures, information and much more.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can have a positive affect on any business. Whether it be a small bakery in a village or a national chain of supermarkets, SEO and being found online is important. Sure, some business types might not be searched as much or have as much volume potential as others. Same with competition, some niches might have no competition while others drive thousands of clicks and visitors daily.

The consultation & research stages of an SEO Strategy are extremely important for this reason. We take a look at your business, niche and how we can help you to progress and move forward. We look at keyword opportunities, estimated traffic and much more. It’s about working with your business to deliver the best possible results.

Absolutely. Every website is built using WordPress, along with additional plugins and features to make the process of owning and managing a website as easy as possible. Editing your website once it has been completed is as easy as editing a word document, just click to edit, click what you want to edit and change. It’s completely visual and easy to do.

Of course if you have any issues with your website or need to change some information and you have a website with me, just send over an email and I’m more than happy to help!

Absolutely not! You can book a meeting with me using the form above and we can meet via Zoom or Google Meet and discuss your business completely for free. This is know as an Initial Consultation to discuss what might be of interested and what results you are working towards too. We can look at your business and brand online, how visible you are and what we can do to improve it, through services such as SEO.

It’s completely free. Just get in touch and let’s have a chat!

The migration of domains from one platform to another is a large part of what I do, especially with Website Design Clients. A lot of people purchase site builders such as Wix or Weebly due to it being easy, however they don’t realise just how restrictive they are as a platform.

If you are looking to simply move your domain elsewhere or you want to come away from Wix and build a website on WordPress, get in touch today.