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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you can find a selection of the questions that are asked on a Frequent Basis. These questions include service information, how services can benefit and more!

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your website in order to get your website ranking on Google for specific, chosen keywords, resulting in your website receiving Organic or Un-Paid Traffic from Search Engines.

In regards to how SEO can help, SEO can improve the visibility of your website and business online through Search Engines such as Google & Bing. This means that when people search for keywords or terms surrounding your Business on Search Engines, your Business Website will appear as a result.

SEO is something that is done differently by different people, however the factors and fundamentals of SEO remain the same, regardless of the strategy and they must be included.

Initially, the first step is to conduct an Audit of your website. The Audit will highlight the Strengths & Weaknesses of your website along with information about your On-Page, Off-Page & Technical SEO.

Once the Audit has been concluded, the most important and critical results will be addressed first, to ensure that your website is ready for Search Engine Positions & Traffic.

The process from here depends on your Website, which is why it’s important to understand that not every SEO Strategy and Plan is the same as different factors take priority at different times.

Whether you have a Standalone E-Commerce Website or a General Business Website with an E-Commerce Store attached, the process of managing sales and adding products is identical.

Your store is managed within your Admin Dashboard which allows you to edit products, add products to your store, change prices and much more, without having to use any complicated tools or code.

Alongside making changes, you can also track your sales and other statistics along with Customer Data within your Dashboard, making the entire process easy!

When having a Website Built for your Business, it includes the following;

  • Domain Name
  • SSL Certificate
  • Website Build
  • Website Content
  • Standard SEO

Once complete, you will have the opportunity to include Regular Website Maintenance, Hosting & Search Engine Optimisation which is ongoing on a monthly basis.