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Best SEO YouTubers

YouTube is full of content creators, uploading everything from SEO Content to Gaming Videos. However, knowing who to watch and which creator to choose can be difficult, especially when it comes to SEO. Knowing who the Best SEO YouTubers are is a real challenge sometimes, especially with so much choice. But there is some great Content Creators on the platform, in the SEO World specifically!

Knowing who the Best SEO YouTubers are is important as a lot of people upload Search Engine Optimisation content, but it doesn’t mean that they are knowledgeable. The YouTubers in this post are very good at what they do and the results they show.

Whether you are wanting to learn new SEO Skills or you are wanting somebody to follow, YouTube is absolutely the place. It’s all about finding people you trust though. Anybody can claim to deliver results in SEO, however a lot of SEO YouTubers have them to show and that’s what matters.

The Best SEO YouTubers listed within this article are my personal favourites and people that I follow regularly. I would more than recommend that you watch every one of them at least once to see what they have to offer.

Disclaimer: The below content creators are displayed as the “Best SEO YouTubers” as Personal Opinion from myself personally (Ryan Houghton).

#1 Craig Campbell SEO

The first content creator on the list for Best SEO YouTubers is Craig Campbell SEO. Based in Scotland, Craig is known for his knowledge and expertise within SEO, speaking at regular events across the globe. However, Craig also brings these Knowledge Bombs to his YouTube Channel too.

With 53,000 Subscribers at the time of writing, it’s safe to say that Craig has built an audience from the quality content that he provides. He has uploaded a variety of content from Tip Videos to Full, Free Courses, he has something for everybody which is great! It’s just dependent on what you are looking for!

Free SEO Course On YouTube – Craig Campbell SEO

A popular favourite on Craig’s YouTube Channel is his Free SEO Course. His previous version has accumulated thousands of views and he is now due to release his 2021 Version too, for free. It’s safe to say that he enjoys giving back to his community with quality content!

You can view his Free SEO Course along with other playlists on Craig Campbell’s YouTube Channel, found here! He has a wide range of content ready for people to view and enjoy.

#2 Chris Palmer SEO

Chris Palmer SEO - Best SEO YouTubers
Chris Palmer SEO – Best SEO YouTubers

The second Content Creator within the Best SEO YouTubers List is Chris Palmer SEO. Based in America, Chris is known for his extensive testing, courses and link building methods. Whether it be Niche Specific or General Links, Chris will know a place to build some quality links for our site.

Chris Palmer SEO has accumulated 7,600 Subscribers on his YouTube Channel, along with followers on Other Platforms too. All through his Link Building Content and his Extensive Testing too! He knows a way or a method to do everything SEO.

Alongside his YouTube Content, he also releases courses too, much like Craig does, covering areas such as Link Building, Google Stacks and much more. All allowing you to power up your website with ease and even on a budget if needed!

Link Building Lists & Methods – Chris Palmer SEO

Alongside his other content, Chris Palmer SEO is known for his Link Building Lists & Methods. These methods are often unreleased and very powerful, allowing you to get one up on your competition! Whether it be typical DoFollow Links or creative methods to get EDU Links, he releases a lot of content!

You can find one of his Link Building Videos here, which adds a lot of value to any SEO or Website Owner!

#3 Itamar Blauer SEO

Itamar Blauer SEO is another one of the Best SEO YouTubers that I watch along with thousands of others on a regular basis. His content is something of exceptional with Itamar sharing a lot of knowledge in the SEO Industry, helping people move forward with their content.

You may have heard about Itamar Blauer SEO within the SEO Industry as he regularly speaks on SEO Panels with SEMRush and other SEO Giants along with Weekly Content in his series with Craig Campbell SEO. It’s safe to say that he knows what he is on about and thousands of viewers watch his content across platforms to find out.

While his channel has 871 Subscribers, he uploads content that helps people generate thousands of Website Visitors. He also uploads content outside of his channel, like his series with Craig which is featured on Craig’s Channel, covering a range of topics.

Tips & Tricks In SEO With Itamar Blauer SEO

Itamar uploads a variety of content, however, his best videos are his Tips & Tricks content. This content covers Tools & Plugins to use for your SEO that drives and delivers results. Videos such as Best Image Compressor are just some of the knowledge that he shares with his community!

You can find a selection of Content on Itamar’s Channel, which provide great viewing if you want to better your SEO and your Knowledge through Video Content!

#4 Pat Quiroz SEO

Pat Quiroz SEO
Pat Quiroz SEO – Best SEO YouTubers

Another Fantastic YouTuber included within the Best SEO YouTubers List is Pat Quiroz SEO. When it comes to SEO and sharing useful knowledge, Pat Quiroz is the man. Whether it be Link Opportunities or Google Stacks, Pat knows a lot about SEO and the many methods of securing quality rankings through SEO.

Pat has created a range of content that is massively useful, from highlighting Link Opportunities to building Google Stacks. He doesn’t charge for his content either, he just releases quality, useful content for people to watch, learn and enjoy. With 1,820 Subscribers, Pat has built an audience around his content of people wanting to learn and find out more about SEO!

Finding Link Opportunities & Google Stacks With Pat Quiroz SEO

As mentioned, Pat releases a lot of content, some of which are based on Link Opportunities and finding places to build quality links from. He releases a lot of this content, allowing people to improve their link profile. He often releases Link Opportunities that are unreleased elsewhere which is great, allowing people to better their website and rankings.

Alongside Link Opportunities, Pat Quiroz SEO also releases content around Google Stacks too, which can be used to power up your website without building expensive links. He has released tutorials and support videos, allowing you to really boost and power up your website’s rankings!

Find Out More About SEO With Some Of The Best SEO YouTubers!

Regardless of whether you work in SEO as a Professional or you own a Website, you can learn a thing or two from all of the Best SEO YouTubers, listed above. You could want to learn about Link Building, On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, you can find out about everything SEO on YouTube.

It’s all about what you want to consume as a viewer. While all of the Content Creators listed above create a variety of content, some creators may be for you. Some May not, it just depends on what you want to see and enjoy. People such as Craig Campbell SEO create a lot of different content and upload weekly which allows you to pick the content that you want to see and the content that you dont.

Best SEO YouTubers Collaborating With Each Other!

Some of the content creators listed above, create content together. Such as, Craig Campbell SEO & Itamar Blauer SEO who create regular content together and release on a weekly basis. This means that you can find more content from the creators you enjoy watching, by watching other creators.

A lot of content creators work to create quality content together too and even if you don’t enjoy the creator, give it a watch and you might enjoy it!

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Other SEO Creators Who May Be Some Of The Best SEO YouTubers Too!

Alongside the people within this list, YouTube does contain other SEO Experts too, who may provide quality content. It just depends on what you are looking for and who provides that content you want. People are up and coming on the platform and therefore, creating great content too!

However, it comes down to who you can trust and who has used the knowledge that they are sharing to secure better ranking positions. A lot of people claim that they use techniques and methods and they don’t, making it a waste of time more often than not.

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