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5 Actionable Tips To Improve Your Blog Content

5 Actionable Tips To Improve Your Blog Content
5 Actionable Tips To Improve Your Blog Content

Creating the perfect blog post is like baking a cake, it requires multiple factors or ingredients in order to fuse together, creating the final product. Whether you are writing to secure a keyword or to secure a keyword within the SERP, your blog post needs to include various factors such as Headings, Images, Written Copy etc. However, what if you could use 5 Actionable Tips To Improve Your Blog Content?

While creating a blog post can seem easy, including the right factors and maximising your incoming traffic is often the biggest challenge. Anybody can write content but writing content that drives visitors and converts is what keeps you earning!

  1. Research Your Post Topic
  2. Plan Your Post
  3. Write Original Copy
  4. Link Internally
  5. Share Your Post

Writing a piece of copy can be different depending on what you are writing for. However, the 5 Actionable Tips To Improve Your Blog Content can help and benefit blog content of all types and niches. Whether it be driving traffic or creating a more diverse, specific read for your visitors. It’s just about getting the most out of each and every blog post you publish.

5 Actionable Tips To Improve Your Blog Content!

Listed below, are 5 actionable tips to improve your Blog Content that you can follow and take and include within your Blog Strategy. Whether it be the addition of Internal Links or that you share your blog content on other platforms, it can all help to drive more traffic to your website and more readers to your copy.

Some of the tips may already be included within your Blogging Strategy and if so, great! But take a look through and see if any tips can help you to move the needle and drive additional traffic to your content. Your aim should be to drive more traffic, whether that be through Sharing Your Content or through Internal Linking!

1. Research Your Post Topic

The first actionable tip to improve your blog content is to Research Your Post Topic. Research is massively important, especially when you are writing in a topic or niche that is competitive as you need to ensure that what you are writing is better than the current results within the SERP. If you don’t research, how do you know about what you are up against? You don’t.

Research covers more areas than just what you are going to write though. It’s about looking into the formatting and what your competitors have included for that specific post. By doing so, you can create a plan of what you should and shouldn’t include so that when you come to write your copy, it’s going to secure those all-important positions!

Researching both your Post Topic and your Competitors is easy. Search for the keyword that you are targeting with your content, along with a couple of variant keywords and additional phrases that you are targeting and look at who is ranking high. While this doesn’t always mean the copy is of a great quality, it gives you an idea of what to include.

If you search for your keyword and position 1, 2 & 3 have embedded a video into their content, it’s highly likely that the type of audience and the search intent meets the need of a video. Therefore, embedding one in your content isn’t a bad idea either!

Don’t go into writing your copy blind, do some research and plan ahead to win!

2. Plan Your Content

Alongside researching your post topic, planning your content is also just as important for a good, strong blog post. This is something that a lot of people don’t do. They just sit and write their post, then end up experiencing Writer’s Block halfway through! This often means that the quality of the post drops due to the writer forgetting their original copy ideas.

However, if you plan your content and take note of the way you would like your content to go, you can look back at your plan while writing. Your plan doesn’t have to be anything major either, just a note of your headings, maybe the first paragraph and your target keywords too. You can also plan and include your research too, whether it be that you would like to embed a video or link to a specific resource.

Planning your content will enable you to prepare for your post, before you start writing. Then you can focus on writing good quality copy, instead of thinking what Title Tags you need to include within your post. A lot of writers plan and it’s what enables them to deliver the right results through their content!

Start planning your content and writing down your initial idea and structure and see if your results improve!

3. Write Original Copy

While for some, this goes without saying, writing original copy is what will deliver you the best results. Spinning copy or rewriting something that somebody else has written just doesn’t cut it anymore. Not like it used to in the early SEO days! You need to be writing unique, original content that provides a good reading experience for your visitors while securing ranking positions.

The aim of content is to do two things. The first one being to provide a good reading experience for your visitors and the second one being to secure ranking positions within the SERP. While you can drive traffic from various platforms alongside Search Engines such as Social Media and other sites, your content can still drive a lot of traffic through platforms such as Google & Bing.

Of course, for some requirements, spun content may deliver the results that you need, but does it make sense? Does it flow correctly?

Probably not, not as well as Original Copy will, therefore not putting your visitors and readers first. Remember, it’s your visitors and readers that are your business and income, not just traffic numbers!

4. Internal Linking

Within your Written Copy and Content, you need to be linking internally, between pages. While this is important for SEO, it’s also important for your page to page flow too. If you don’t link internally, then once people have finished reading your copy, they will often click away!

However, if you link to other pages and posts, you can keep the visitor on your website, just reading through different pages and posts instead of going elsewhere. This provides you with the opportunity to drive visitors through a couple of major posts and then divert the traffic to other pages. Therefore, enabling you to display CTA’s, Sales Pitches and much more.

It’s a great way of being able to keep people on your website while driving them between pages, providing value and information through your written copy!

5. Share Your Post Once Published

This seems very simple and something that a lot of people do, but it’s important regardless. Once you have published a Blog Post, you need to be sharing your post online. While you are free to choose where and when you share, you need to be pushing your post in front of people on high-traffic sites.

Of course, the aim is to secure ranking positions within the SERP, but you can also drive a lot of traffic from other platforms too. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and more can all help to drive more traffic to your post content. However, if you don’t share your post on these platforms, people won’t know it exists!

It’s such a simple step but something that a lot of people are missing out on. They want traffic and visitors but they aren’t sharing their content across the web and this is often the issue as to why! You can schedule posts and more to ensure that your post is shared far and wide once published!

Build an audience and share your content, then watch the traffic numbers grow!

Drive Additional Traffic Through The 5 Actionable Tips To Improve Your Blog Content

The above tips can really help you to build your website traffic and your blog, driving more people to your content and to your website directly, which is exactly what you want! While some of the tips may only seem small, they can make a huge difference to how your content drives and generates results.

Take a look through the above tips and see if any of them can help you and your website to progress through the Search rankings!

Following The 5 Actionable Tips To Improve Your Blog Content

The tips listed above have been written to ensure that you are maximising the power of your blog and each of your blog posts. Some of the above tips may look small and simple but without them, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic to your website. It’s about you pushing your content and ensuring that any visitors you do drive to your website, return!

Some of the above tips may be things that you are already doing and as a result, you may already be driving thousands of visitors to your website. If so, great! Keep pushing your content and keep growing your website as a whole. If not, try a couple of the above tips and see if they make a difference to your website.

As you blog and traffic expands, your tips and strategy will change, but the basics and fundamentals remain the same. Share your content and watch it grow!

Thank you for reading!

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