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10 Tips For Growing On YouTube

With millions if not billions of people chasing the dream of becoming a YouTuber and making a career out of making video content, setting yourself and your content aside from the rest and standing out as a channel can be rather difficult. Being able to create content is only a small part of the YouTube process and promoting your channel and content to grow is essential to getting the views and subscribers your channel deserves. In this article, you can find 10 Tips For Growing On YouTube and how you can work with your channel and content to reach more people!

Growing on YouTube and expanding your channel and brand can be difficult. With millions, if not billions of people working towards making a career out of YouTube, setting your content aside from the rest and standing out is essential to getting views on your videos and subscribers to your Channel.

In this article, you can find 10 Tips For Growing On YouTube and more about working with your content and channel to grow and expand on YouTube! Let’s get started!

1. Post Frequently & Consistently

The first step to Growing On YouTube is to post on a frequent basis but remaining consistent with the uploads too. You should be posting at least 3 times a week, something such as Monday, Wednesday & Friday as this is a steady flow of content and while not everybody has the time to create daily uploads, you can use the weekend period of time to create your 3 videos for the week ahead.

However, while posting on a Frequent basis, you need to ensure that you are consistent with the posting and uploads too. If you set your schedule to be 3 times a week as mentioned before, you need to ensure that you stay as close to those 3 days as possible and if you can, ensure that you upload at roughly the same time each upload.

A great way to find the best time to upload is to upload at various times of the day each week and monitor the viewership through your Channel Dashboard, if a certain time attracts more viewers, this is the time you want to upload!

2. Use End Screens To Promote

When posting onto YouTube, some content may attract more clicks and views that others and a great way to increase your views across your Channel is to direct the traffic to other pieces of content towards the end of your videos!

Use End Screens To Promote
Use End Screens To Promote

End Screens are a great way to display your content and a way to subscribe at the end of your videos. This usually shows for a couple of seconds at the end of a video and you can use it to divert your viewers to your channel or to other pieces of your content. This is a great way of retaining those who do click onto your channel and you can use the content on your channel that is more popular to drive clicks and views and then direct those viewers to other pieces of content.

The YouTube Creator Academy has a great article explaining how to edit your end cards and how to add them to your video content. You can add end cards to any video on your channel and start redirecting those all-important viewers to other pieces of content.

3. Design Click-Worthy Thumbnails

Tip 3 out of the 10 Tips for Growing on YouTube is Creating Click-Worthy Thumbnails. This is what is going to drive viewers and visitors onto your content. This is one of the first things they see alongside the title so it needs to make people click in order to convert those looking at the video in the listings into viewers of your actual video!

Creating Click-Worthy Thumbnails can be done through tools such as Canva or Photopea (Which is an online version of Photoshop, It can open PSD’s too!). These programs will allow you to have access to a full suite of photo editing and design tools to help you on your way to designing thumbnails for your content!

If you’re not somebody that is creative and you don’t know how to design a thumbnail from scratch, you can use templates from platforms such as YouTube for your thumbnails!

Also, make sure that your thumbnails are similar across content. While each should stand out from your other thumbnails, try to keep your font and overall style the same!

4. Add Tags To Your Videos

This should go without saying, but make sure that you add Tags to each and every piece of video content. Tags are like keywords and phrases that you add to each of your videos in order to add some context to what the video is about, what topic it is about etc.

For example, if you was to create content regarding Fortnite, you would add Fortnite Targeted Tags to appeal to the right target audience for that specific piece of content.

A great way to tag your videos is to research the tags of similar creators. Going back to my first example of Fortnite, you could look into the tags of other Fortnite Creators to see what tags are popular and what tags are driving viewers and visitors. Tools such as VidIQ and TubeBuddy allow you to check these statistics and find out more about these insights!

Also, if you find a Tag or a Keyword that you want to find connecting keywords for, tools such as RapidTags and KeywordTool allow you to see other related keywords along with insights into the searches from each geographical location.

5. Create Longer Content To Improve Your Watch Time

It’s no secret that YouTube requires very specific statistics before allowing you to monetise your content, allowing you to earn money from your content. One of the two requirements for monetising your content is to achieve 4000 watch hours over the space of 12 months.

YouTube are very specific about this requirement alongside needing 1000 subscribers and while 4000 hours of watch time does look scary, it’s more than achievable with some longer content.

Now you don’t want to be creating hour long content as this would be a pain to create and a lot of people will find themselves clicking away from your video after about 10 mins, however creating content that is around 15 – 20 minutes will ensure that people stay engaged while still allowing you to reach your 4000 hours of watch time.

Breaking it down, it looks like this:

  • 240,000 Videos, each being 10 minutes long, getting just 1 view.
  • 2,400 videos at 10 minutes long, with each getting 10 views.
  • 240 videos at 10 minutes long, with each getting 100 views.
  • 24 Videos at 10 minutes long, with each getting 1000 views.

Now creating 24 videos, each being 10 minutes long, each getting 1000 or more views is much more realistic than creating 240,000 videos and getting 1000 views can be done through growing and expanding your channel, however having shorter content will make it much more difficult!

6. Create Playlists For Your Related Videos

Depending on what sort of content you create, you may create content in a series. For example, if your channel is a Gaming based channel, you may do a series on a specific title. A great way to group your content together and to retain viewership through several pieces of Video Content is to put all of your content from a similar sector together in a Playlist.

This will make it easier for your channel visitors to watch through several videos at once while allowing people to find all the content related to one thing, in one place.

This will improve your overall viewership while ensuring that people can click onto the content they want to see. You can also embed these same playlists into your Channel Home Page so that people can see your content from the very first click!

Google Support has a fantastic guide on creating playlists and it shows you the entire process so that you can start to grow and expand your channel through similar content!

7. Monitor Your Results & Statistics

Results & Statistics are a huge part of any YouTube Channel. Not only does it allow you to see who is watching your content and where they are, but it also allows you to see certain demographics, information about those who watch your content such as if they subscribe to your channel or not and more.

Viewing your Statistics on your YouTube Dashboard is a great way to find out what sort of content works and what doesn’t. You will be able to distinguish the two apart by looking at the viewership and overall engagement across different types of content.

Two channels are never the same though. You could have two channels in the same topic but one type of content doesn’t fit all. You will find that all channels reach different demographics and audiences.

You can view your information from your YouTube Dashboard, take a look when you upload content and monitor those results to see what works and what doesn’t work.

You can see your YouTube Analytics by viewing them on your YouTube Dashboard or by clicking here!

8. Create Related, Quality Channel Art

Tip 8 of the 10 Tips for Growing on YouTube is Channel Art. A huge part of any YouTube Channel is your Channel Art. These are graphics that cover your Profile Image and Banner/Cover Area. These graphics are shown alongside each of your videos, on your channel page and more. Your Art is what people will see first and see the majority of the time so getting it right and making sure that it appeals to your channel is absolutely essential!

You can create Channel Art using tools such as Canva or Photopea but also through PSD templates which can be found all over the web. The key to good channel art is making sure that it matches what your channel is about. If you have a YouTube Channel about Makeup, make sure that Makeup is reflected within your Channel Art as it has to be related in order to work for your channel and your content.

Every time somebody visits your channel, they will see these graphics so make sure that you are happy with it and making sure that it matches what you are trying to convey.

Make sure to research areas such as Colour Schemes and work with something that matches your channel name!

9. Drive Viewers & Subscribers From Other Platforms

While YouTube is a great platform and full of people who are waiting to see your content appear as they want to watch, driving subscribers and viewers from other platforms can help too!

Platforms that are great for driving both Viewers & Subscribers from including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & eFuse! All of these platforms allow you to reach different demographics in different ways. For example, eFuse is a gaming-inspired platform so Gaming Content should 100% be shared across eFuse! Instagram however is a much more Fashion & Beauty based platform, so this would be great for beauty channels but you wouldn’t post about makeup on eFuse!

You can work to build followings on all of the above platforms by posting on a frequent basis and appealing to those around your channel topic. If you are interested in Fortnite, begin to make connections within the Fortnite Scene, engage with players, other content creators and more.

10. Set Small But Achievable Goals

The last tip out of these 10 is to set Small but Achievable Goals around your channel. These Goals could be as small as hitting your first 100 subscribers or as far as 100,000 subscribers. I would recommend that you start small with your Goals and make them easily obtainable while still posing a challenge.

This way, you will be motivated to create content and grow your channel while working towards your goals and then towards your future on the platform.

Set 3-5 Goals around your channel, maybe to create a certain amount of content or to reach a certain amount of views, something that will motivate you to keep moving forward with your channel. Once you hit these milestones, let people know about it, share on Social Media and share on YouTube, a lot of people and your subscribers will be happy to see you doing well!

Thank you for reading!

And that wraps up these 10 Tips For Growing On YouTube. Hopefully you can work to grow your channel moving forward and that you can continue to expand your channel and brand as you move forwards!

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